Random Musings in October

Random Musings in October

She looks out the window,
Her thoughts as dull as the grey winter skies.
She mourns the loss of a life she could’ve had.
Her heart broken, her soul shattered,
Maps drawn across her olive skin.

Looking for comfort in the eyes of strangers,

She only found fleeting moments of solace.
Walking down the cobblestone streets,
She yearned for everlasting joy.
Deep in thought,
She looks up,
He smiles.

Her aching soul can breathe again,

Her broken heart not averse to feel again,
Piece by piece, he put her back together,
Put her on a pedestal to be the beautiful person she is.
She found a world of love and contentment, 
She found a feeling no dictionary could define for her.
Life is not perfect, she knew that,
But she came as close to perfect as she could.