Adieu, Juno! You are forever loved!

A heart that never stops aching, a memory that will never fade, a touch you will never forget and that wet slobbery kiss you now want more than ever! Losing my four-legged baby to illness is always so hard. Conflicting emotions between wanting to relieve her off her pain but also wanting her to live a long, long life take over you. All I know now is that my little baby has crossed over the rainbow bridge and is happy in doggie heaven!


Juno came into our lives on a cold November evening in 2010 and boy, was she adorable! She was like this little speckled mouse fighting off my bigger two-year old pup who couldn’t stop sniffing her! Juno spent her first night at home huddled under this big blanket and that was how she continued sleeping – curled up near my stomach under this big blanket. I’ve grown up with three other beautiful dogs, and this was a first for me! Who would’ve thought some dogs liked to be completely covered under blanket even during a hot Indian summer night!

Juno loved every member of the family equally and she never missed an opportunity to show it to us! She had a bit of a schedule – early mornings and evenings were spent running around with me mom, tea-times were spent on my dad’s lap and all other times she spent with me except when she was playing around with Phoebe! Oh and we were never allowed to love Phoebe more than we loved her! She was the second child that needed ALL the love and attention! 😉 The baby of the house! How we miss her!



This is the craziest story I have of her! This one afternoon, she comes running into my room and she’s a bundle of excitement. All she needed me to do is get out of bed and follow her. I walk into the living room behind her and bang in the middle room, I found the biggest crow I’ve seen lying in the middle of the room, dead! She’s seated herself on the couch looking super proud and happy! Oh and did we freak! We have no idea how she managed to catch a crow on the terrace, kill it and then bring it down to the living room. Yeeesh! Looking it up online later, we read that it was a way of showing affection by giving us a “gift”! Unfortunately, she got a good scolding at that time!


Juno was a docile little doggie whose entire life revolved around just the four of us. One more person in the house and she let that person know very well that they weren’t invited into her inner circle of trust. She was excessively protective of us and she wouldn’t have it any other way. When my fiancé (and now husband!)  came home, it was funny how she completely ignored his very existence in the house. She only gave him the “I see you” glances every time he moved! He will never forget that about her!

We miss her dearly! That hope that she would get better came crashing down when she stopped moving one early morning. She fought hard for four months and in the end, bad health got the best of her! Letting go has never been easy! As much as we know it’s for the best and that she was struggling, that want to have just another day or month or year will never go away.

My mother told me today, “We always thought Juno needed us, but it looks like we needed her in our lives more than she ever did!” The sorrows associated with losing your pets stick with you forever. There is always this hard tug on your heart with every memory of them that runs in your head even years later. They say time heals, this is an exception. Tears may run dry but the ache never subsides.


Novembrella | Trupti

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