Function of Beauty: Celebrate Individuality 

Specially made shampoo and conditioner customized by YOU, made for YOUR hair type to match YOUR hair needs to achieve YOUR hair goals, all under $30! *Did I use the word “hair” too much? Well, I’m super excited to write about it. 😉 * You say it’s too good to be true?! No no no no!! As if this is not enough, let’s add your name to the bottles of the shampoo and conditioner! I’m sold! 🙂

For me, Fall/Winter brings with it, its own set of hair problems. My hair has a mind of its own and with each passing season, my hair needs changes in products to match its needs. I’ve tried drug store products to luxury brands and none fit my hair needs completely. If one product helped with the deep conditioning, the other helped making my hair feel volumnous, but not one product fit the bill for all my current hair goals. I was wondering what I could use to help achieve what I needed for my hair when I stumbled upon Function of Beauty. The concept of customizing your shampoo and/or conditioner piqued my interest. After reading  a little bit about the products, I was eager to try them out.

The website is user friendly, allowing you to quickly navigate through to your final order. You start off by taking a hair quiz to determine your hair profile by answering three questions. The next page will allow you to choose up to 5 hair goals from a list 17, that you want to achieve from using their products. I selected “deep condition”, “strengthen”, “volumize”, “anti-frizz” and “nourish roots”. With each selection, you will be able to see what you can expect and also the active ingredients that will go into the products. The next step is the FUN part! 🙂 🙂 🙂 You will need to enter the name you would like to see on the bottles *soooo cool*!   Oh, there is a character limit! You can pick the colors you would like your shampoo and conditioner to be, from a list of 6 colors! Imagine being able to select the fragrance for your product along with the strength of the fragrance! Yes, you can do that too! Did I not say this was the fun part?! 🙂 You’re all done customizing your bottles of shampoo and conditioner!

Now, to place your order, you can select two sizes, 8oz and/or 16oz, bottles of shampoo and conditioner. Typically, an 8oz bottle of shampoo and conditioner will cost a total of $28, but using this link, you can get a $5 discount on your total order. Yay!!!

Wrap up thoughts about the products:


  • Love the details to which we can customize the products.
  • Claim not to use parabens, sulfates, gmos and triclosan which is awesome!
  • Never test on animals which is a win win for me.
  • With six washes, I definitely see an improvement and it feels like I’m closer to achieving my hair goals than before I started using them.
  • Hair feels squeaky clean after shampooing!
  • Adore the consistency of the conditioner. I prefer thicker consistencies to thinner, runny conditioners.
  • Great results without a burning a hole in your pocket.
  • Who doesn’t like their name on their bottles of shampoo and conditioner? 🙂
  • An instruction card that tells you how to use the products along with the hair goals you had picked at the time of placing the order.
  • You have a full refund or free reformulation if you’re unhappy with the products
  • Received the product well within 10 days of placing the order.


  • I like my shampoos to foam and lather; I don’t know why but I do. That’s something I missed but apparently you can tell the Chemist about it and get that done. I’ll have to try that next time.
  • Sometimes, I like to oil my hair with coconut oil before a bath. It gives my hair that extra conditioning it needs. I found it difficult to remove the oil and needed to wash my hair repeatedly until I got all the oil out but on a day without the application of oil, the shampoo works just fine.
  • The colors of the products are not as vibrant as those you pick out on the website. It’s a silly detail but I was a wee bit disappointed.

As of now, I’m loving how my hair feels after I started using Function of Beauty products. I will probably need to go in for a reformulation soon but for now, it’s what I need to achieve my hair goals.

Function of Beauty held true to it’s motto: Celebrate Indiviuality.

Until next time! xoxo

Trupti | Novembrella

P.S: This is not a sponsored post and all thoughts are my own. If you use the link in the post to get a $5 discount, I will get a $5 credit towards my next purchase.

One thought on “Function of Beauty: Celebrate Individuality 

  1. Ok, I completely sold on this!! I am honestly having a shampoo crisis at the moment – so this post could not have come at a better time. I’ve had super dry hair my entire life and bam! It seemed like overnight it became an oily mess…and I have no idea where to start with shampoo (thanks to using the same once since forever ago). Will definitely be checking out Function of Beauty!



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