Exploring Arizona – Lower Antelope Canyon

There comes a time in your life when you’ve seen a picture for the longest time and then BAM, you’re at that very same place experiencing what it’s like! You see a part of this beautiful, beautiful planet and the only thought running through your head is, “IS THIS FOR REAL?!”. Antelope Canyon is one such place. For all those who’ve grown up with a Windows PC, the wallpaper I’m talking about is something like this:



Formed by the erosion of Navajo sandstone by water, the smooth surfaces, the color and the play of light in the canyon takes your breath away. The Lower Antelope Canyon, located in Page, Arizona, in the protected Navajo lands (Native American lands) can only be accessed with the help of a tour guide. Let’s get started on planning the trip! 🙂

Tour Bookings:

There are two tour companies that you can book to explore Lower Antelope Canyon. The tour companies are:

We picked Dixie Ellis’s Tour Guides and we were satisfied with how everything was co-ordinated.


The costs of the general sight seeing tours per person are:

  • Adults: $25
  • Children (Ages 8-12): $15
  • Children (Ages 7 and under): Free

There is an additional charge of $8 per person for the Navajo Nation Permit Fee.


There’s a chance you will have little to no connectivity when you’re driving here. It’s best to have the directions set in advance. The address to the startof the Dixie Ellis’ tours are:

Lower Antelope Canyon Tours – Dixie Ellis
Indian Rte 222, Page, AZ 86040
GPS Coordinates: N W

About the Tour: 

We parked our car in the parking lot (which has ample parking space!!) and went in to check in. After a small wait time, we were assigned a guide who took us on a ten minute walk down to the slot canyons. There are steel ladders that are anywhere between 3ft to 25ft down that helped us reach the bottom of the canyons. Photography is prohibited while getting down the ladders and it’s all for good reason. I got a little queasy looking down but then again, I have a fear of heights! 😉
With a solid footing, what I saw around me made me think I was on another planet! Surrounded by this unimaginable beauty, I could stand astonished.  Walking along the narrow path, I was amazed by the how smooth the stone structures were. It was difficult to believe that erosion by water caused such perfect structures.
As you continue walking, the guide points out structures that look like an eagle or a lady. Always remember to stop once in a while and look back at the canyon. The view will almost always blow your mind away! 🙂
 We visited Lower Antelope Canyon during the last week of June and had booked the 8:50am slot. However, we managed to get there earlier and went in with the group that left at 8:10am. The lighting was perfect inside the canyon. According to my opinion, during late June and early July, it’s best to pick the earlier tours as opposed to those post mid afternoon as the sun light pouring into the canyon seemed perfect for pictures. The play of light on smooth stones brought out the color perfectly.
The tour can last anywhere between 45min to a little over an hour. The last bit involves a small climb out of the canyon! Watch your head! 🙂
For a fairly fit person, this should be easy with little to no difficulty. The path can be very narrow at times and the space can also feel enclosed. The tour didn’t feel rushed and our group had about 15 people or so. All in all, it was a pleasant experience.

Things to remember

  • The time in Lower Antelope Canyon (or certain parts of the Navajo Nation) is different from the time in AZ. When we visited in June, if the time in Page, AZ was 8:00am MST, then the time in Lower Antelope Canyon was 9:00am MDT. Arizona does not follow Daylight Savings Time but most regions of the Navajo Nation in Arizona do. In order to avoid missing your tour please ensure to check the time! THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!!
  • Parking is free outside their office! 🙂
  • Carry plenty of water, especially during the hot summer months.
  • Wear the right kind of shoes to avoid any slips. Shoes with good grips are preferred.
  • Walmart(supplies) and Denny’s(yummy food!) are available within 15 minutes driving distance.
  • Follow the “Leave No Trace” policy.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, have bucket loads of fun exploring the surreal canyons!!!! 🙂

Hope these little tips help plan your trip to Lower Antelope Canyon. Have the best time you guys! Remember, travel is food for the soul!


Trupti | Novembrella

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