Bitten by the DOODLE bug!

“Yankee Doodle went to town
A-riding on his pony
He stuck a feather in his hat
And called it macaroni”

*Keeps singing this bit of the rhyme repeatedly in her head*

I don’t know how or why this rhyme came to my head but it stuck. It stuck for a whole day and then all I wanted to do the next day was DOODLE! I guess it was the DOODLE in Yankee Doodle that got me to want to draw! =) Plus, a cold and rainy day makes you want to stay inside the comfort of your home! *Brrrrrr*

Dreary, rainy days always make me lazy and dull. Most dull days make me want to mop around the house and just while away my time. With doodle in my head, I thought, “Why not?!”. Drawing has never been my strong suit. I admire and respect anyone who can draw, paint, sketch or anything that comes close to it! People can do wonders with a pencil or paintbrush and its always amazing to see the finish. I’m going to try my hand at doodling today!  I’ve heard of art therapy and chromotherapy (or color therapy), but who knew it could make me feel this good!

Spring is here! Sooooo, it’s colors, colors and more colors! I drew some random flowers with a touch of black and white! Someone said “There is beauty in simplicity” and I couldn’t agree more! I kept this picture minimal with pops of color and I took the liberty to frame it because I really liked the picture!! 😉



The basic idea of the guitar doodle was Pinterest inspired! Music is in my soul! I love listening to music. I can listen to music all  day, everyday! This is something I’d like to have in the bedroom! I haven’t got my husband to hang it up as yet! =)

Oh and please hi to Super Dog in the background! He’s our cookie jar! 😉                                                                                                   IMG_20160319_180301-01IMG_20160318_153702-01 IMG_20160319_180854-01-01

My husband and I picked up this vintage themed chalkboard at Michael’s. With our white walls, the beige framed chalkboard didn’t do much! I love all things turquoise aaaaaaand pink! 🙂 🙂 🙂 SMILE! That beautiful smile of yours can lighten up someone’s otherwise dull day! 🙂


Thanks for stopping by!

XOXO – Trupti

P.S-I’m still a rookie at this! 🙂

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